Aaron Dunn

A born Kansan, Aaron has settled into life in Mineral Point, WI as a family doctor, husband, father, and last, but not least, a rhythm guitarist.

Andy Hatch

Andy is our artisan cheesemaker by day, mandolin aficionado by night. We love Andy’s calm steadiness, and he serves us well as our musical conscience.

Carole Spelic’

Carole is living a life filled with creative pursuits. She loves her work teaching art and art history, leading craft workshops with kids, making sculpture, and of course, playing with the fine musicians in Point Five.

Meghan Dudle

Meghan Dudle has had a relationship with the fiddle since she was five. She directs traditional arts programming at Folklore Village and moved to SW Wisconsin from the Twin Cities in 2011. She loves being able to continue playing genuine acoustic music with Point Five in addition to playing with her old-time duo, The Firesides. To hear Meghan’s solo album, You Are Always in My Dreams, click here.

Monica Dunn

Monica was not happy with her mother when she signed her up for voice lessons at age 13, but after that first lesson Monica never complained again and ended up with a degree in vocal performance.  In her late 20’s Monica once again had to be convinced to try a style other than classical singing. Again, she came around to bluegrass and loves being a part of Point Five. You can also hear Monica sing  in the duo Meeker & Maiden with husband, Aaron. Lesson learned: Mother knows best.

Paul Biere

My life is so much richer from sharing the joy and obsession of music with friends. I love old-time fiddle music, have played for square and contra-dances over the years, and have chased ephemeral moments of complete rapture around many campfires. Jazz, country and western swing call to me. We grow out of many traditions and bring it all along. Being in this band has expanded my musical horizons. I listen to something new and get excited. Point Five creates magic in relationship, vocal harmony, wistful longing, love and loss, some driving bluegrass, some lament. I lose myself in the moment.